Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 7 : 7 days to go

I have so much work to do and I accomplish so little every passing day. My mind is like not working. I delay doing any stuff, I thought losing weight and being healthy is a journey that will make me feel more confident about myself. But as it turns out it is making me miserable. Its not that I am craving something or its the lack of sugar rush. I just feel restless. I dunno why I am scared and of what. I just know I am not feeling the best confident self. And this is hampering my work, Hobby in a Box has taken backseat although we have to launch it next saturday ie just 7 days to go

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 4 : The bitchy day

Why Me GOD? Why Me?

I know I am not a teenager and I shouldn't care about what people will say or be embarrassed about who I am. I have studied well, I had an amazing job and now again studying in India's top management institute and working on my passion. But still I feel belittled when people laugh at me for being fat or feel embarrassed when gym instructor calls out my name(to inquire about my presence). I still feel like a plump kid who is made fun of by little monsters in the playground. I still feel that there is some internal joke of which I am butt of.
Had I been a teenager I would have cried but now I just respond by being equally savage and ruthless. I bitch about my life, I taunt people who make fun of me and shout at people whom I really care about.And on top of it I cant eat any comfort food like chocolates. I realize that it is kind of bad for health to fill up your insecurities but its so easy and comforting. The smooth melt of chocolate and caramel is electric; instantly all is well in the world again. And the vicious circle continues.

But this time it changes. I CHANGE.
If people make fun or laugh or say thingsabout me, I would try my level best to move on.........

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 3

These are the 4 clothes that I absolutely want to fit in. Every time I try to lose weight, I just give up thinking it doesn't matter or its OK. But this time I have kept my clothes out that i absolutely want to fit into. These are all tops/tees because most of clothes that I cant wear are tops/tees. Somehow my college jeans still fit me :)
So the list is:
  1. Green semi formal shirt given to me by my relatives - I love it because of the color
  2. Red tee given to me by my friend - I just love the color red
  3. In front of red tee, a M&S top gifted by my relatives
  4. Purple formal shirt - birthday gift from parents (its size M - I dunno what were they thinking)
I am completely obsessed with weight loss and changing my harmful habits right now so no updates on HiaB (Hobby in a box)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 0

This is a pledge to myself that I will embark on this ordeal...

I was like this in college................................. And then I became this (10 kgs heavier than my college usual)

So Now I want to be back to how I was in college days

Its not because people call me fat or I am low on self confidence. Instead I am confident of my body BUT I can't wear my old clothes..... and i love my clothes... So here goes my first rant

I have downloaded an app called Noom Coach and currently I am working on intense session that is intake of lesser calories and burning a lot more.
The reason i like noom coach(free version) is because it is so simple and all is in one place. i can log my weight, my meals, my exercises, my step count .... and give me motivational tips too

On the other hand I am being really lazy as an entrepreneur. Website is up and running

BUT there are so many things to do
1. Konstruct festival
2. Maxi Launch and Hobbyclasses-13th
3. 5 videos
4. Blogs
5. NEN promo
6. talk to bloggers/blogs etc
7. Update financials sheet - forgot to discuss this with my co-founders.